40 Fundamental Nutrients

The nutrients below are listed in order of importance to the body. It will be interesting for you to see just where these nutrients fall relative to the body’s priorities...

1) Water
2) Carbohydrates
3) Amino acids (10)
4) Fats
5) Vitamins (13)
6) Electrolytes (3)
7) Minerals (12)

Why are vitamins so low on the list? Well, it probably has something to do with what our interpretation of a vitamin really is... Vitamins are biochemicals found in healthy foods. They are used by the body to produce enzymes sufficient to aid in the digestion of host calories. In other words, healthy natural foods ideally contain sufficient vitamins to help the body assimilate that particular food’s nutrients. The ingestion of nutritionally deficient calories call on the body to produce the enzymes needed for proper assimilation. The use of multi-vitamins are therefore recommended in all cases as a form of
insurance in case foods are deficient in nutrients.

Individual supplements are not generally recommended with the exception of diagnosed deficiencies. Generally speaking, individual supplements in mega doses may cause a nutritional imbalance. Supplementation is dictated by client needs, and/or desired goals.