What is TRX?

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a workout system that leverages your body-weight and gravity to provide resistance to perform hundreds of exercises. You are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise by simply adjusting your body position to add or decrease resistance.

TRX Essential Cardio Circuit

   A fun and challenging mix of TRX exercises and cardiovascular intervals using the jump rope. This class is designed to increase strength and burn fat, suitable for people of all fitness levels.

   This heart pumping 60 minute program includes a warm up, workout, and cool-down stretching routine that will help build a body that is long, lean, and strong.


   This workout provides a complete, full-body workout in less than 30 minutes. The program includes 4 exercises for the lower body, 5 exercises for the upper body, and 3 for the core that together provide a well-rounded training plan for the entire body. This is a great workout for those on a lunch break or in a workout crunch.

TRX Kettle Bell: Iron Circuit Conditioning

   With this unique blend of Suspension Training exercises and kettle bell conditioning intervals, TRX Kettle bell: Iron Circuit Conditioning will improve your strength, mobility and balance. You can sculpt muscles and blast fat, all with one workout. This intense program features 10 rounds and three levels of exercises difficulty, so you can continually challenge yourself.


   Originally created to meet the needs of combat athletes and physical therapists, Rip Training variable resistance exercise is a multi-faceted approach to strength and cardiovascular conditioning. The Rip Trainer challenges you in all three plans of motion every rep, every set, every workout. Equally adept as a rehab tool, a strength and conditioning tool, and a regenerative tool, the Rip Trainer is an exceptionally versatile tool for elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

TRX Advanced

   Improve your performance and take your training to the next level. This class moves you through 60 second stations combining The TRX with Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Jump Ropes and The Rip Trainer! If you are ready to step up your workouts, TRX Advanced is Hard Core...Get ready to sweat!

Intermediate and Advanced welcome.

Duration: 60 minutes

TRX Basic

   New to the TRX and just getting started? Start with this simple TRX workout as you increase total-body flexibility, promote mobility and stability and develop core strength. This class focuses on technique, flexibility, balance, and strength by developing basic foundational exercises through easy to follow progressions.

New users are encourage to attend this session

All Levels Welcome.